Cruising the world’s waterways

2 jaar geleden

The seven seas were once humankind’s highways and turnpikes, sailed to conquer, explore and trade. While giant barges still haul their loads along many of the world’s waterways, today, sailing is mostly synonymous with leisure, luxury and sport. Celebrities are snapped lounging in exotic ports of call. People of privilege jibe and tack trying to out-do their adversaries and mates. International teams compete for prizes and prestige, perhaps while tossing about a salty word, all from the decks of prime sail boats and yachts. Supplying such crafts to those who boat is Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j., producers of top-quality vessels for almost any recreational seafaring need.


In 1990, brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot started a small family boatbuilding business in Olecko, Poland. Since then Delphia Yachts has rapidly grown to become Poland’s largest sailing boat manufacturer. Launching with the craft the Sportina, Delphia Yachts is now an award-winning company offering nine different models, producing more than 1,000 motorboats and over 200 sailing yachts a year. Delphia Yachts’robust expansion is reflected in its hearty numbers. This former company of two is now a large-sized company employing 420 souls between the Warsaw headquarters and the facilities and branch office in Olecko, Poland. The company recently reported a turnover of almost 16 million EUR with over 80% of that turnover coming through European exports


Part of Delphia Yachts’impressive success can be attributed to the company’s commitment to using highquality materials and its attention to detail, while offering its product at industry-standard competitive prices. High quality and watching the bottom line, though, has not inhibited Delphia Yachts from thinking green. “Our shipyard has also solved some environmental problems. For example, we have installed dust separators at our joinery, which completely eliminate ‘dust’ problems.


We have also switched from coal to oil-fired boiler systems. To be able to recycle as much waste as possible, we have created a dedicated waste recycling station. And since 2002, we have used environmentally friendly components and materials such as low styrene emission resins,” says Mr. Wojciech, Delphia Yachts co-owner. Delphia Yachts’ care, quality and forward thinking has not gone unnoticed. Numerous groups and organisations have recognised the marine craftsmen for their contributions to the boat building and sailing craft industry, which include the Delphia 33 being named the 2007 Import Boat of the Year and European Yacht of the Year.


The Delphia 47 was awarded the top spot in the product category of the Now Poland prize, a noncommercial competition selecting the best products, services and innovations. “We produce high-quality boats of modern design, which satisfy our customer base. We have launched three new models within the last six years, but the secret to our success is that all of our employees are sailors