BestBoats International yachtbrokers verkrijgt dealerschap Delphia Yachts Benelux.

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Vanaf 1 januari 2017 is BestBoats International Yachtbrokers (Maasbracht) officieel dealer voor het gehele motor- en zeilboten programma van DelphiaYachts voor de Benelux. Waarom dealer worden van nieuwe polyester jachten; De markt vraagt naar een steeds hogere kwaliteit bij de aanschaf van een (gebruikt) jacht, jonge gebruikte jachten beginnen schaars te worden. Met het motor en zeiljachten programma van Delphia Yachten heeft Bestboats voor de internationale markt een zeer breed aanbod nieuwe jachten welke een goed alternatief kunnen zijn voor watersporters die tot aankoop van een jacht over wilt aan. Daarnaast zijn de motorjachten van Delphia met hun uitstekende vaareigenschappen en ruimte interieur uitermate geschikt voor de Limburgse maasplassen en de Friese wateren. Om de markt beter te kunnen bedienen gaat Bestboats (Limburg)een samenwerking aan met de bestaande Delphia dealer Tornado Sailing in Makkum (Friesland), door deze samenwerking zijn wij in staat om in geheel Nederland service te verlenen en


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Boot Dusseldorf 2017: Van 21 tot en met 29 januari 2017 presenteren wij ons op de stand van Delphia Yachts op Boot Dusseldorf 2017 Graag nodigen wij u uit ons op 1 van de 2 stands te bezoeken. Wij verheugen ons op uw komst! Motorboten in Hal 17 Stand C38 Hier kunt u op uw gemak de Escape 1150 Voyage (finalist Best of Boats 2016) en de Escape 1080 Soley bekijken Zeilboten in Hal 15 Stand B04 Op deze stand presenteren wij de Delphia 40.3 en en de Delphia 47

Boot Holland

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10 tot en met 15 februari 2017 in WTC Expo Leeuwarden De aftrap van het watersportseizoen   Tijdens deze beurs te bezichtigen: Delphia 34 en Delphia 47 (Zeilboten) Delphia Escape 1080S en Delphia Escape 800 (motorboten)   Standnummer 3078 (zeilboten) en 3077 (motorjachten) Wij verheugen ons op uw komst!

Cruising the world’s waterways

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The seven seas were once humankind’s highways and turnpikes, sailed to conquer, explore and trade. While giant barges still haul their loads along many of the world’s waterways, today, sailing is mostly synonymous with leisure, luxury and sport. Celebrities are snapped lounging in exotic ports of call. People of privilege jibe and tack trying to out-do their adversaries and mates. International teams compete for prizes and prestige, perhaps while tossing about a salty word, all from the decks of prime sail boats and yachts. Supplying such crafts to those who boat is Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j., producers of top-quality vessels for almost any recreational seafaring need.   In 1990, brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot started a small family boatbuilding business in Olecko, Poland. Since then Delphia Yachts has rapidly grown to become Poland’s largest sailing boat manufacturer. Launching with the craft the Sportina, Delphia Yachts is now an award-winning

Delphia: Boats of unique character & style

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Inspired by the lakes surrounding Olecko, Delphia has progressed from a family business to becoming a manufacturer of some of the finest sailing and motor boats in Europe. Established in Olecko in 1990 by brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot, Delphia Yachts has gone from strength-to-strength to become Poland’s largest manufacturer of sailing boats (with more than ten models), as well as a respected name in the motorboat industry. The passion to create beautiful, high quality boats has been Delphia’s ambition for more than 20 years. Each year the shipyard produces over 150 individual sailing yachts and more than 1000 motorboats, including those delivered for long-term sales partners such as Brunswick Marine and many others. The boats in Delphia’s fleet range in length from 7 to 15 metres. The flagship sailing vessel, and the most popular, is currently the Delphia 47. It’s a wonderfully comfortable yacht rich in features, offering clients

Wind in Their Sails

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Wojciech Kot, co-owner of the Delphia Yachts Kot Sp.j. company, the largest producer of sailing yachts in Poland, talks to Magdalena ¸asak. Your brand is recognizable around the world. What is the secret of your success? Both my brother and I are sailors and hold a skipper’s license. Our company employs around ten marine helmsmen, a dozen or so yacht helmsmen and over 100 sailors. Our staff sail all the time. We mainly work within our own community, by which I mean the Olecko area where our yacht yard is located. This is where our managerial staff and a dozen or so engineers come from. We had a clear goal from the beginning, but we never expected to achieve such a strong position on the market. I must say that throughout our company’s history, there was never a single bad idea. For example, when we planned our production, we chose